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trivago® is the world’s largest hotel search, comparing prices of over 900,000 hotels from more than 250 booking sites such as, Expedia and More than 120 million visitors use trivago every month as an independent source of information to find their ideal hotel. By entering the desired destination and travel dates, search results instantly display all available accommodations. A wide selection of 150 filter criteria, including wireless internet, parking or travellers with pets, allows users to refine their results. From luxury hotels to budget hostels, people looking for the best deal use trivago and save an average of 35% on every booking.



Travelodge was the first budget hotel brand to launch in the UK in 1985. It now operates over 35,000 rooms in city centres, next to major routes, seasides, airports and countryside locations, so there is always one near to where the guest wants to stay. Travelodge also has 11 hotels in Ireland and 6 in Spain.
Millions of leisure and business travellers have grown to rely on Travelodge each year for a comfortable, hassle-free night’s accommodation


Macdonald Hotels

Macdonald Hotels Limited operates 45 hotels in great locations across the UK (all 4 and 5 star establishments). The company was awarded AA Eco-Hotel Group of the Year 2013 and prides itself on offering customers top level hospitality.

Best Western Hotels Great Britain

Best Western has over 270 independently owned and managed hotels throughout the UK, each with its own charm, character and personality.